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04/01/2012 Daily News - Shoah Foundation to Archive Testimonies from Armenian Genocide Survivors

01/26/2012 USC Institute of Armenian Studies Gala Event to Salute USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Armenian Genocide Digitization Project

09/02/2010 Armenian Genocide Interviews to be Added to Shoah Foundation Archive

04/19/2010 USC, Armenian Film Foundation, Agree to Archive 400 Survivor Testimonies

04/13/2010 USC Shoah Foundation Institute Signs Historic Agreement with Armenian Film Foundation

11/21/2009 Tribute to Dr. Vartkes Brousallian to Include Screening of The River Ran Red

04/24/2009 President, 435 Members of Congress Get Genocide Documentary

04/24/2009 Letter to Members of Congress from Jewish World Watch Founder Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis

03/22/2009 NAASR to Premiere The River Ran Red in Boston

10/18/2008 J. Michael Hagopian's The River Ran Red premieres at Arpa International Film Festival, Armenian Reporter, Arts and Culture

10/08/2008 The River Ran Red, Final Film in Genocide Trilogy, Premieres at Arpa International Film Festival Oct. 24

10/27/2006 The Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art (AFFMA) honored Dr. J. Michael Hagopian with the Armen T. Wegner Award

04/25/2006 KCET-TV Interview of Legendary Armenian Filmmaker Gets Extended Coverage.

01/03/2006 Legendary Armenian Filmmaker to be Honored By San Diego Church.

10/13/2005 Armenian Film Foundation to Document Faces of Genocide.

08/17/2004 Members of Congress Thank Armenian Film Foundation for Eyewitness Account of Genocide.

08/12/2004 “Caravans Along the Euphrates” – Armenian Film Foundation Documentary in the Making.

07/29/2004 Germany and the Secret Genocide Selected for Jewish “Side Bar” Screening at East Coast Film Festival.

03/20/2003 Film Foundation Premieres Film About Germany's Role in Armenian Genocide on Worldwide Day of Commemoration.

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