Mandate for Armenia
Time: 48 minutes 
Produced by J. Michael Hagopian
Recent discovery! A rare documentary by the U.S. Army of General James G. Harbord's mission to Turkey and the Republic of Armenia in 1919.
Professor Richard G. Hovannisian introduces and narrates this rare documentary of an important period of history when the United States Government was considering becoming a protectorate power over the newly established Republic of Armenia and the Armenian provinces of Turkey.

President Woodrow Wilson sent Major General James G. Harbord to investigate. General Harbord, and a distinguished American group of military, political and economic experts, journeyed from Istanbul to Adana, Silvas, Kharpert, Diarbekir, Mardin, Erzinjan, Erzeroum, Erevan and Tifilis. 
Historical Consulting by Professors Richard G. Hovannisian of UCLA and James B. Gidney of Kent State University

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